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ECSA Board

The Board of Directors consists of nine (9) elected members, and 8 Appointed members. For more information about the role, or to submit your candidacy for a position up for election, please visit our elections page.

Jon Ericson at the 2018 ECSA Hall of Fame Luncheon
Jon Ericson | Commissioner

Scott Fisher| Director of Competition

Tighe Copeland
Tighe Ockfen-Copeland | A/B Assistant Commissioner

David Florio | Secretary

Jay Harris with his Dog
Jay Harris | C Division Assistant Director of Competition

Andy Rock
Andy Rock | C Division Assistant Commissioner

Holden Knecht
Holden Knecht | Membership Director

Tyler Keys
Tyler Daley-Keys | D/E Division Assistant Director of Competition

kyle howell
Kyle Howell | D/E Division Assistant Commissioner

Appointed Board Members

Denny Krantz | Hall of Fame Director

Stacy Maddux at the 2018 Hall of Fame Luncheon
Stacy Maddux | Fall Ball Director

Brian Slegel | Treasurer

Jeffery Bligh-Jones
Jeffery Bligh-Jones| Assistant Tournament Director

Howard Russell
Howard Russell | Director of Events

Van Yean | Director of Marketing & Communications

Barett McGavock | IT Director

Vacant | Director of Business Development

Meeting Minutes

The ECSA board meets monthly during the regular season to discuss topics of operation and strategy in the best interests for the league. Although closed sessions, the meeting minutes are publicly available. If you have any questions regarding the meeting minutes, please reach out to

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