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Alex Garnett

Alex Garnett began playing softball in the ECSA back in 2007.  He started his playing career with the Seattle Throttle, Seattle Buzz in 2008, Seattle Saints in 2009-2010, Seattle Avengers (D) and Seattle Squadron (C) in 2011, and the Seattle Badgers from 2012-present. If we had been able to play this season, this would have been Alex’s 14th season.  During those 14 seasons, Alex has played on multiple teams but his pride has always been in the formation of the Seattle Badgers (C Division).  Since the Badgers were formed in 2011, Alex has only played on that team during an ECSA regular season. He is currently the second-longest tenured player on any existing team in the entire ECSA.  The Badgers are now the third longest tenured team in the ECSA.  The team has finished in the top-3 of their division in every season except 2012 and 2014.  As the manager for over 8 years, Alex has NEVER missed one game during a regular season.  

As a personal highlight in 2011, Alex is one of the last few players that the Board has asked to move up divisions mid-season.  That year he went 8-0 with the Avengers and 10-0 with the Squadron.  Alex calls it his “perfect season”. 

Alex has always wanted the camaraderie that the Badger teams have had to spread through other aspects of the league.  With that, he formed a Badger team in the D division in 2018 and their inaugural season was 2019.  Alex served as an assistant coach for that team.  He has also served as a coach for other teams in the league during the Emerald City Classic Tournament.   (Sinners, 2018)

In his time in the league, Alex has received multiple awards and has celebrated many successes.  In 2012, Alex was awarded the Commissioner’s Award, in 2013 he was voted by his teammates as a 1st Team All-Star, in 2016 was voted by his teammates as an All-Star, and in 2019 he received the Commissioner’s Award again. 

During his time in the league, Alex has taken his love of softball and community and has volunteered on our Executive Board for 5 seasons.  Alex served as the ECSA Logistics Director from 2015-2016, and also served as our C Division Assistant Commissioner from 2016-2019.  Alex’s innate skill of being extremely organized has served the league for years as Alex has been a leading figure in setting our season schedule and ECC Tournament schedule for years. 

Alex has also taken his teams to national prominence with making 7 GSWS appearances in his time with the ECSA.  He first attended the GSWS with the Squadron in 2011, Badgers in 2013, 2015-2017, and the Lawless in 2018 and 2019. 

It is clear that Alex has been as involved as any person imaginable in the planning and promotion of our league.  Alex’s love for the game and for his community make it clear that he deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as our other legendary Hall of Famers.