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Howard Russell (Ladie Chablis)

I have known Howard since my first year in the league (2005). During that time I have had the opportunity to play on the same team and play against Howard. Howard is both a competitor and supporter of everyone on the field. I have witnessed Howard go out of his way to pick up others who are having a bad day on the fields. Howard has started, managed, coached, and helped raise money for teams. He has raised money through performances for teams just to help support others. When I think of ECSA players that embody what it means to play in this league, I think of Howard among names like Time, Fred Parham, and many other competitors and supporters. In addition to ECSA, he is a good steward in the community fighting for minority rights.

Thank you for considering Howard Russell for the incredible honor of the hall of fame.
– Adam Droker

Years in ECSA:  At least 18 years

Did Howard Russell (Ladie Chablis) serve on the ECSA executive board? Yes

Did Howard Russell (Ladie Chablis) attend a NAGAAA GSWS? Yes