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Jared Walters

I would like to nominate Jared Walters for ECSA Hall of Fame Class of 2020. 2020 will be his 20th season in the league ALL in the B division.

Jared has been an active member of the league actively recruiting players and he has coached ECSA pitchers and hosted pitching clinics, recruited and coached dozens of new ECSA members during his 20 seasons.

He formed the Vendetta B division and coached them for 7 years. Jared currently helped form and manage the Gallitos B division team. And assisted with the Seattle Tramps and Seattle Arsenal B teams during their past seasons.

Jared began playing in the ECSA in 2001 with the Seattle Tramps. This began a softball career that has seen him start teams, mentor players, manage and create teams. He has played in 16 world series, with one 1st place finish and one 3rd place world series finishes along with a few 5th and 7 place finishes as well. He has had multiple first place finishes in NAGAAA tournaments around the country.

Jared is always a participant in ECSA activities and is also “Whol’ Atta Fierceness” the 2011 Miss ECSA.

He has worked for many years with the Seattle gay volleyball community and every year runs the Seattle Cat Fight volleyball tournament and has hosted the NAGVA championships here in Seattle.

Jared is known and loved by many in the ECSA community. He has done a lot for this league, teams and players that has gone unrecognized. You would be hard pressed to find someone in this league who does not know Jared. 

Thank you,
Jeff Gunter